Boca Juniors Admit Intentions to Bring Back Carlos Tevez

Boca Juniors reluctantly agreed to sell Carlos Tevez a few months ago.

The striker moved to Shanghai Shenhua in a deal that has reportedly made him the world’s highest-paid footballer. With the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale making around £ 300,000 per week, it is reported that Tevez is being paid around £ 650,000 per week by the Chinese club. Rich owners have made the Chinese Super League as one of the sought after destinations for the top players looking to make the quick buck. Tevez has been through several clubs in his career and it was not a surprise that he engineered the move to Shanghai Shenhua.

Fresh reports, though, claimed that the striker is not being paid such an extravagant fee and that he is only on close to around £ 250,000 per week. Amidst this new report, Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici has publicly stated that he would like to bring Tevez back to the club.

A huge icon at Boca Juniors, Tevez will always be loved by the fans irrespective of his transfer decisions.Angelici has revealed that he has booked a meeting with the Chinese club in August in order to discuss terms of a comeback. It is understood that Boca Juniors will have to pay around $7 million in order to get the player back after just one year.

“For me personally, I would like to have Tevez back, even just one leg of him. He is a great player and I have great admiration and affection for him. I have scheduled a trip to China for August and while I am there I plan to see him and visit with his family. We will have a talk. I know that he left only recently and I am familiar with the type of deal he signed,” said Angelici.