Carlos Is Back in the United and Playing During the Holiday Season


Carlos Tevez spent his first Christmas in the UK and had to say away from his family, playing a match on this holiday. With his commitments to Manchester United, he had to be part of the Christmas match that the team played. However, he was not accustomed to this, having to be away from his family at this time of the year.

Carlos Tevez is a renowned footballer who has played with Manchester City as well as Manchester United. In the British Isles Christmas and football have always been linked, being a long-standing British tradition. Hence, while most countries take a break around these festive time, British teams are often found playing even during this holiday.

Tevez had signed up for commitments with Manchester United this winter season. As a result, he ended up having to sacrifice family time to play with the team during Christmas. He expressed his feelings to his teammate Patrice Evra. The latter spoke to Betfair about this tradition being new to Tevez. Manchester United was scheduled to play opposite Newcastle on New Year’s Day.

Hence, they had dinner by 7:30 pm to retire early for the next day’s match. Carlos was emotional and talked about how he missed being with his family at this time of the year. He was especially missing his kids. Even on New Year’s Eve they went to bed early and wished each other on the morning after.

If we look at Tevez’s career, he made several headlines when he joined Manchester United after leaving Manchester City in the year 2009. He entered English football in 2006 at West Ham. United initially bought him in 2007. With this initial signing, he helped the team win two major trophies in Premier League as well as the Champions League in 2008.  When he joined City after that he won the Player of the Year accolade that season itself.