Carlos Tevez has a contract with Juventusthat expires at 2016

Carlos Tevez has a contract with Juventusthat expires at 2016 but recent rumors are claiming that Tevez will be leaving the club in this summer. If this is indeed true, it’s huge news for West Ham United and Boca Juniors.

For the past few months West Ham United has been linked with Tevez as the Premier League club is interested in signing the experienced forward and they will be happy to know that Tevez might be exiting Juventus in a few months.

Even if Carlos Tevez does make his move out of Juventus, it remains uncertain as to which club is going to be his next one as the player has stated on a number of occasions that he is not thinking about which club to join as he only wants to focus on doing everything he can for Juventus so they can win more trophies.

According to Italian media, Juventus wants to sign Palermo’s Paulo Dybala and they would be willing to spend around €29 million in order to sign the 21 years old player but Tevez might have to be offloaded as a way to create enough funds.

Carlos Tevez has not been shy in expressing his desire to make a return to his childhood club Boca Juniors as he wants to spend the last few years of his career in the Argentine club. Even though Tevez is 31 years old, he still remains being a prolific goal-scorer and it’s not a big surprise to find out that some of the club that are performing in big European League are interested in signing him and a deal could indeed happen if Juventus is willing to let him go sooner than his original contract date.