Carlos Tevez still has not adapted to life in China

It has been over 5 months since Carlos Tevez officially joined and made his move to the Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua but despite becoming one of the highest paid footballers in the sport, the Argentine attacker does not appear to be truly happy.

 Carlos Tevez has recently talked about his time spent in China and from the looks of it; he is not going through such a positive time in Asia as many people believed.

 When Tevez joined Shanghai Shenhua on December of 2016, he also penned a deal which ensured that the Argentine player would earn a reportedly annual salary of $41 and this turned him into one of the world´s best paid footballers.

 Even with all the cash injection that Tevez is believed to be earning in China, he has been complaining ever since having made a move to Asia as the former Manchester United does not enjoy the local cuisine of his new country and club and the experienced player is also struggling trying to learn the language as well.

 “I’ve had to try to adapt to so many different circumstances that I wasn’t used to and I believe that, right now, in terms of football, I haven’t adapted as much as I would have liked´´

 “It is very difficult and I hope it changes. I can’t see it competing with Europe. The players don’t have that natural quality from birth like they do in, say, South America or in Europe. Technically, they’re not too good.” Carlos Tevez said as he talked about football in China as he said that they still are far behind in terms of quality compared to the top European football leagues.