Football Leaks Document Reveals Full Wages of Carlos Tevez

A Football Leaks document has revealed the true wages of Argentine striker Carlos Tevez, who is reportedly the world’s highest-paid player.

Tevez has consistently denied reports that he is making around £650,000 per week. However, the league has revealed that it is indeed the case with Tevez being paid just over £630,000 per week in wages alone. The former Manchester United, West Ham, Manchester City, and Juventus striker is not exactly struggling to meet his ends after having earned a huge deal of money at these clubs. Yet, such an incredible offer from Shanghai Shenhua forced the striker into accepting the offer and leaving Boca Juniors a few months ago.

Tevez came back to Argentina in order to play for Boca Juniors, but does exit has left a sour taste among football fans around the world. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are regarded as the two best players in the world, but they make only a half the wage of Tevez.

The duo, though, make considerably more when it comes to the image rights and other sponsorship income. However, Tevez will not be earning on a similar scale in these aspects. His performance-related bonuses are mediocre like the Asian Champions League success giving him £1.5 million in bonus while finishing is the top scorer will give him just under £400,000.

It is not surprising that a number of top players like Diego Costa have been seriously considering the possibility of moving to China. The Chelsea striker has reportedly been offered around £800,000 per week in wages. Chelsea midfielder Oscar recently made a £60 million the switch to Chinese Super League where he is earning around £400,000 per week. Now that the rumours about the wages of Tevez have been proved true, it is likely that the wages of other top players would also be on a similar scale in China.