LotharMatthaus has come out with a stunning verdict

Former Germany international LotharMatthaus has come out with a stunning verdict that he does not think that Bayern Munich star Mario Gotze and Schalke prospect Julian Draxler are not winners in the same league as that of Andrea Pirlo or Carlos Tevez.

Both players were a huge factor in Juventus returning to the top of the pile after several years of struggle. Tevez recently returned to his home country with Boca Juniors whereas Pirlo joined the MLS for a fitting sendoff into the twilight. They have left only after helping Juventus reach the Champions League final.

Equally talented players like Gotze andDraxler are seen as some of the alternatives for Juventus to sign in the summer transfer window. Both players have incredible talent and potential to become the world’s best, but they have not been able to show off their talents fully in the last few years. Gotze is believed to be extremely frustrated with life at Bayern Munich since he is often on the sidelines while a big-money move is yet to materialise forDraxler. Both players are believed to be on the shopping list of Juventus, butMatthaus has come out with a warning for the Italian outfit.

“They’re good, young, technical. But they do not have the character of champions. They are always missing something to reach 100 per cent. If you are Gotze and you are not playing, you go up to the coach and impose yourself. But that does not happen. They are not like Tevez, Pirlo and Vidal.Juve will have to change the style of play considerably. They were looking for a director of play in place of Pirlo, but got Khedira, who is already injured, and not that kind of player anyway,” said Matthaus, who is a World Cup winner in 1990 with Germany.