Tevez Career Revive

Carlos Tevez revived his career after making a stunning debut season in the Italian club Juventus as he finished the previous campaign by reaching the top spots of the goal-scoring charts in Serie A but it still wasn’t enough for the Argentinean attacker to be included in Alejandro Sabella’s plans for the 2014 World Cup.

The former Manchester United player has faced disciplinary problems in the past including his refusal to warm up and play in a match for Manchester City during a Champions League match after having been asked to warm up and then not playing during a previous encounter.

However even with all of the incidents surrounding Carlos Tevez, it is believed that the primary reason on why he was not selected to represent Argentina in the 2014 World Cup is simply because of the fact that Tevez not does not have a healthy relationship with neither Lionel Messi or the coach Alejandro Sabella and in order to avoid problems in the squad at the international stage, he was not chosen at all.

Tevez responded to Alejandro Sabella’s decision of not selecting him by revealing to the public that he has no plans of watching Argentina playing in their respective matches and the star of Juventus is going to spend his time with his family.

“I’m not watching anything, I don’t know how Argentina is doing, and I’ve not heard from the group, I don’t know anything about anything. I’m with my family; I’m playing golf, getting some sun. I’m isolated because I’m a footballer and it hurts. I’m not watching what’s happening, or what’s going on around the team, nor anything to do with the World Cup.”  Tevez revealed to the media after being asked about what he is planning to do before the next season kicks off in August.