Carlos Tevez spent a combined total of 6 years playing in Manchester United and their rivals Manchester City but he was constantly being overshadowed by other players and he eventually decided to continue his career by transferring to Juventus where the Argentine forward has turned himself into one of the top goal-scorers for the club.

Under the guidance of Antonio Conte, Juventus is only a few points away from being crowned as the champions of Serie A and just about the entire squad has been performing superbly well but there are a few standout players which are the main driving force behind Juventus and those are: Andrea Pirlo, Gianluigi Buffon, Arturo Vidal and Carlos Tevez.

The consistent performances from Carlos Tevez have attracted the attention of the president of Boca, Angelici as he wants to bring back the Argentine player into the club.

Tevez started his career playing with Boca Juniors as he scored over 70 goals for the club and now they want Tevez to make his return at some point in time.

Angelici told Fox Sports Radio Del Plata: “We always cross paths, Tevez calls me often and we talk. He wants to end his career at Boca. I am convinced he will join Boca when his contract with Juventus ends, he will end his career at Boca’’.

“He gave me his word he will return, but he won’t be our next signing as he is still under contract with Juventus.”

The 30 years old former Manchester City player has a contract with Juventus that expires in 2016 and according to the president of Boca, Angelici that will be the time that Tevez joins his childhood club where he is going to finish the rest few years of his career.