The transfer of Carlos Tevez to China might end sooner than expected

On December 29 of 2016, Carlos Tevez reached the headlines of around the world as he became one of the best paid footballers in the world as his contract reported to earn the Argentine attacker $41 million each year.

The former Manchester United player denied reports stating that he earned so much and Tevez said that its far less than believed as well that his main motivation to joining the Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua was not because of the money but instead that he wanted a new challenge.

Nonetheless, his transfer to China was completed but unfortunately for Tevez, he has seriously struggled and now rumors are being spread around suggesting that the 33 year old attacker could end his relationship with the Asian club sooner than what his contract has stated.

The contract of Carlos Tevez forces him to stay with Shanghai Shenhua at least until December of 2018 but there are various ways that a premature exit from the Chinese club could be done.

If the player himself wants to leave, then he has to pay a fee and just make his way out or if the club itself releases him. These are just a few of the ways that Carlos Tevez could leave Shanghai Shenhua before the expiration of his own contract.

Despite having only joined the Chinese club around 7 months ago, Tevez has already angered fans of Shanghai Shenhua as he was seen on Disneyland while his team was playing a match and he was believed to be injured and unavailable to play.

Another reason of why Carlos Tevez has not turned into a fans favorite in his new club is due to the fact that the Argentine forward has only scored 2 goals in 8 appearances which is an extremely low amount for a player who is believed to be earning $41 million each year.

There are rumors going on claiming that Tevez could be making a return to either the Premier League or his hometown Argentina and considering just how disappointing and underwhelming, things have been going for him in China, a return to his roots could be a wise decision.