The former Arsenal and Manchester United midfielder Patrick Vieira believes that the football authorities should be taking hard stance on racism if they are to prevent it happening in football. Racism has become a major issue football in recent months after a number of high-profile incidents have shifted the attention to this problem. The Liverpool striker Luiz Suarez and the former England captain John Terry have been accused and found guilty of racism in recent seasons. Vieira believes that the problem can be solved only with a hard stance from the top authorities.

Vieira has suggested that clubs should be deducted points or kicked out of the competition entirely if any of the related parties are found guilty of racism. He has said that until a strong action is taken by the football authorities this will continue to be a major problem in football. Racism has always been a major issue in regions like Russia and Spain, but England has also been affected by this issue in recent seasons. Vieira has also suggested that it is true that people deserve a second chance, but it also needs to be realised that there is a strong need of action to be taken by the football authorities in order to prevent the problem from escalating.

“If you really want to fight racism, if you really want to show to the world that football wants to fight against it, you will have to use a deduction of points against clubs or kick them out of competition. That will stop it, of course. If you kick a club out of Europe because they couldn’t control their fans, it will happen once and I will guarantee it’s not going to happen twice,” said the former Manchester City midfielder Patrick Vieira, who is currently an ambassador at the club.