This site is dedicated to Carlos Tevez. A phenomenal player who stole our hearts when he signed for Manchester United, and never gave them back! We’ve followed him avidly throughout his career – and what a career! – and we’ll probably still be running this site long after he has retired from football – no doubt he will be managing the Argentinian National Team at a World Cup Final one of these days, and we will be here to report about it!

In his heyday, he was a prolific striker, known for his incredible power both on the ball, when he would charge straight through opposition defences, and off the ball, when he would masterfully create space for himself and others to score with passionate, deliberate and mesmerising movement.

It’s hard to put in to words exactly what Carlos Tevez means to me / us. Sadly I have never met him, but if he ever read this, I want him to now that watching and supporting him has been the thrill of my life.

Long live Carlito!